MAME Action Replay Page’s Time Trials Competition




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1a. Time starts when the player gains control, and ends when the player completes the game.   The coordinator or his designated judge will signify when the timer will begin and when the timer will end before the competition.
1b. If the arcade game uses a timer and it moves at a constant rate, that particular timer can be used.  This is determined by the person choosing the next game.

2. If nobody finishes the game, the person who goes the farthest, in number of stages, wins. If a tie exists there, the person who completes the last stage completed in the fastest time wins.

3a. The winner of the current competition picks the next game.  If there’s a tie, whoever submitted first picks the next game.

3b. There may not be more than two games involving the same genre.
3c. No picking games that go on forever (like Galaga, level D) or finish in a nearly constant time period. (like Pac-Man) However, considering a game finished after a certain number of levels would be allowed (like you "beat the game" in the two examples mentioned after ten levels, for instance)

3d. A competitor may not choose more than one game in a season.  If such competitor wins for a second (or subsequent) time, whoever previously won and hasn’t chosen, starting from the latest game, will choose the next game.  Afterwards, who ever placed second, starting from the latest game, will choose the next game, and so forth until we have a chooser.  EXCEPTION:  The champion of the previous season will choose the first game.  It does not count against the one game maximum.
3e.  DUE DATE FOR CHOOSING GAMES:  Five days after the previous competition ended.  (E.G. 10 day competition, over at the 11th, due date is the 16th of the month.)  PENALTY:  Loss of choosing the next game, and it counts toward the one game maximum.  Another chooser will be chosen based on rule 3D… this person will have 48 hours to choose the next game.

4. A competition will last 10, 15, or 20 days, depending on how long a game is expected to be completed in. This will be determined by the person selecting the game. While there will be no mandatory mandate on length of contest, here's some recommended guidelines, based on the average of the length of completion of each game:
0-1 hours: 10 days
1-2 hours: 15 days
2+ hours: 20 days
If it's borderline, it's suggested to use the higher value.

5. Continues are allowed if the arcade game allows it.  However, the selector may elect to penalize up to three minutes in time if a competitor is forced to use a continue.

6.  Version required for ALL recordings:  WolfMAME Plus! – most recent version, except if a version is released mid-competition, then either version is allowed.

7.  You may submit an INP at anytime, regardless of when you originally recorded it, provided it’s dated between the times of the competition… however…

8. If anybody submits a FIRST-PLACE INP within the final six hours of a recording period, the competition will be extended to six hours beyond that particular recording.
EXAMPLE: (deadline is 0000 GMT)
a. Player A submits a first-place recording at 2230 GMT. The competition will be extended to 0430 GMT.
b. Player B then submits a first-place recording at 0120 GMT. It was before the deadline because of the 2230 GMT submission. The competition will now be extended to 0720 GMT.
c. Player B submits an even better high-score at 0400 GMT. The competition is now extended to 1000 GMT, even if Player B was the last person to submit a first-place recording.
d. Player A counters with a second-place recording at 0800 GMT. The competition will NOT be extended, because it was not a first-place recording.
e. Player A now submits a first-place recording at 1003 GMT. This doesn't count, because it was after the extended deadline.

9. Each championship will last eight competitions, or "races".
10. Each race begins on the 1st of a particular month.
11. No more than one race will be held in a particular month.

12a. Each race will be split up into five equally timed segments, or "laps", so each lap would last 2-4 days. (10-20 days / 5)

12b. Exception: the final lap, which could be extended due to rule #8.

13. If you are leading the competition at the end of each particular segment, you will be given credit for leading a lap.

14. Scoring system:
1st = 21 pts
2nd = 15 pts
3rd = 10 pts
4th = 6 pts
5th = 4 pts
6th = 2 pts
7th = 1 pt
Leading 1 or more laps = 1 pt
Leading most laps = 1 pt (+1 pt for leading a lap = 2 pts)
Leading all laps = 1 pt (+1 pt for leading a lap + 1 pt for leading the most laps = 3 pts)